Sambungan dari part 1.


Bukit Senaling

This is the series of Kinabalu training.

Located in Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan. I was really noob about this place. I thought it’s just another hiking places. I don’t know that the place is so viral and instagramable. HAHAH. Everyone is looking for the “sea of cloud” around the hill side.

Pictures taken.

Awan karpet katanya

Walaupun dah cerah.. awan tu masih ada lagi

Notes for Bukit Senaling:

  1. You have to pay RM15 for entry. You can add a few more if you need some meal after hiking. It’s quite pricey. I thought may be because of it’s located in private palm oil plantation and the parking space is in front of villagers’ houses. Masuk kampung orang kan so mungkin duit ufti jugak la ni.
  2. Bear in mind that you might not meet those clouds because that depending on the weather. So if you’re putting high hope to meet the sea of cloud, I think you better find another places. The tips, when feel so cold in that morning and can even see mist and fog during driving, that’s the sign you might found the clouds.
  3. It’s 3km hike. Although it’s not that far, some of trail is quite stiff. And it’s farmland with red soil. It’s even worst during rainy day. Be prepared. Pakai je Adidas kampung takpun.

Gunung Berembun, N9

This is also a mountain that I’m never heard before. I only know G.Berembun in Dungun, Terengganu. Got opportunity to hike CBL before. But in Negeri Sembilan? No, never heard. Since I’m not hiker junkie, I forgive myself. HAHAHA. I read that there’s another Berembun in Cameron Highland. :O

Anyway, it’s located near Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan. There’s two entries to the jungle, but I only know one, which I still cannot describe since I just followed friends. Duduk-duduk dalam kereta tengok-tengok dah sampai. HAHAHA. This trip cover Lata Berembun – Gunung Berembun peak – Gunung Telapak Buruk – aircraft crashed area. To me, it’s quite tough trip, but to some others, they might consider it moderate. *Sape cakap easy siap!

If you’re interested to know more, read this link.

Some pictures.

Notes for G.Berembun N9:

  1. For 1-2 hours in the beginning, the trails is quite easy because it’s jungle tracking. However, once reaching Gua Kambing, the trails become stiff, and only patient and determination will lead you to the peak. HEH.
  2. Lata Berembun is so tempting to swim. Please bring clothes for change if you don’t want to feel regret for not trying it. Just like me! 😦
  3. Mt. Berembun itself is quite tough. But if you continue to Gunung Telapak Buruk to see the aircraft crashed area, and then stop a little while at Lata Berembun, you’ll definitely take the whole day for the trip.

Denai Tiga Puteri

Another viral place.

We went there on Chinese New Year. If I go to Bukit Saga during this public holiday, the trail and jungle will be a little bit quite. Chinese will definitely not coming and from previous experience, the amount of people coming reduce a lot. But differ to this place, there was crowd waiting on top. Especially the kids. Memang agak pening.

It’s located at Taman Rimba Komuniti Kota Damansara. We entered the trail from Section 10. There’s a lot of trail inside, and not sure which trail we took to come to the peak. Main hantam saja. The trail we chose is consider easy to moderate. Agak santai jugak masa berjalan tu. Only a few steep location.

OK done explanation. See the pictures.

No notes. Balik cepat sebab ade hal lain. Lagipun, entry ni dah panjang sangat.

Bukit Kembara, Ampang

Suggested by one of us. Never heard before. Sejenis ignorance kah aku ni? Semua pun tak pernah dengar. HAHAHA. There’s two entry to this trail and we entered from Taman Tun Abdul Razak. There’s another entry from Bukit Indah.

Taman Tun Abdul Razak is kind of elite housing where I found a lot of malay residence inside. Later I found out that they are not so nice, HUHU, because now they closed the entry to Bukit Kembara due to it’s private land. Siap pagar kau! Which blocking water flow from the small river at the entry. I don’t who did it, I mean either the residence unity, or just ‘one or two’ person. Since they have a lot of money, they even hire RELA staff to guard the place. HUHUHU.

But don’t worry, you can still enter from Bukit Indah. We went there twice, and we entered from Bukit Indah for the second time (it was on MARCH). You can still enjoy the scenery from any entry. Instead of you find the lake first during the journey, from Bukit Indah, you’ll find the lake last.

Enjoy the picture.

Eh. Tetiba mudah plak nk pilih gambar. Mungkin sebab gambar tak banyak kot.