“‘Having the blues’ is an expression meaning that you’re feeling sad or mildly depressed (clinical depression is something else, and much worse than being a little sad). Morning blues or Monday blues is the sad feeling that you’ve got an entire work day, or work week, ahead of you.

So the google said.

And yes I had a little bit of Monday blues. Or I shall called Day of blues. Or shall I called it Blues day?

Anyway, it’s nothing to do with the work day ahead of me. It was because of the unfortunate events previously.

Car battery broke Down

Friends and I had been planning to have weekend getaway last weekend. The planned was I’ll drive my car to friends’ house and park there. Later we travel using another car to Kuantan.

The first plan already failed. Found out that car battery already broke down. Since I didn’t wanna delay the trip, my friend drove the her car instead, and I planned to fix the battery after the trip end.

Lost Phone

Everything went smoothly and I don’t feel intimidate with the incident, until we reached R&R Genting Sempah. After having breakfast, I realized that I lost my phone. I’m sure I had been picked pocket during paying the food. My suspicious had confirmed as the phone already power off. My friends couldn’t reach call.

We continued the journey without my phone. There’s nothing we can do at that time. I tried not to think about it. Don’t wanna ruined the trip. Alhamdulillah, nothing bad happened during the trip and I managed to fix my emotion. Always remind myself that this is Allah’s planned. And I didn’t think about contacting family since I felt that’s nothing big about it.

We went back to KL last night. After cleaning myself, I went straight to bed. Felt like couldn’t open eyes anymore. So when I woke up this morning, first thing I did was to find car battery delivery service and informing boss for coming late to office.

The most saddened my heart

When I reached office and open my facebook later, then I reallized that I lost today’s big event. Today is the day my mom’s departure for umrah. That I found when I saw message from cousins, contacting me through fb message. Allahu.. I really forgot about that! It’s really broke my heart. I mistakenly thought the departure will be next week.

And thing that saddened me the most is my mom is really worried about me. All family relatives keep on thinking that I probably lost in the jungle during hiking. They had been planning to make police report if I still don’t contact them by the end of the day.

I should send my mom and give her comfort and great her, but instead I gave her worry. Wallahi I never planned to do this to her. May Allah give her ease for her journey and ibadah and may Allah forgive my sin for doing this to my mom.

I promise to contact her as soon as possible. May Allah grant me this wish.