There are times that I have no mood to update this blog. I totally ignore this blog although I have time to update it. But recently, I really meant to update my blog, and always try find time and place and also wifi to write an entry, but fate seem didn’t agree with that. But I know.. you might say “same old.. same old..”. But it’s true. Last year, I don’t have heart to touch this blog. But now I already put some determination to wrote at least once a month. (Actually I’ve been planning to write more than that but I’m still not brave enough to say it out loud. You know my history). 😉

So I already move to new location. After staying for almost 10 years around Ampang area, now I move to somewhere to the South. To be honest, I’m not really comfortable with the area, but I really like my house.

NestSweet-GraphicsFairy21Since I’m going to build a new nest, I need a new to do list as a reminder:

  1. I won’t go outside freely. I mean, I won’t jog around the house or just walk to the shop lot nearby. Based on a few bad iciddent that happened recently, I feel like this area is not secure enough. Although I think it’s a good place to jog around because it has a hill and a few up and down track. No, not now. Not until I really know this place.
  2. I will use the facility in the building for the exercise. Or just work out at home. Already list down my workout list. Now the only thing I need a little push to myself.
  3. I will have some jog/run activity, but might do it in Putrajaya (like the old days) or try to find a park or lake that a little bit far from home with a lot of people.
  4. Since I want to start my blogging activity like I used to do, I will put up some effort to build study area in my room.I already have a table and chair, but I need to clean it first. Then I will just need to buy a board. If I have a courage, I will share it with you.
  5. I need planner. I’m some kind of freak who still use paper and pen although I have phone that can write it down. No, the feeling is not same. I done it both before, I know that paper and pen motivate me more!
  6. I want to get back with my diet plan. Oh I didn’t tell you about my healthy diet plan, did I? I start it step by step and still considering myself a beginner. There are foods I still can’t avoid, and still don’t have proper meal plan. But I already saw the result. I will try to write it down here, if I still remember. Hehehe. 😀
  7. As much as I’m not a good hiker, not fit and always don’t have stamina, I admit that those activity really make me fit and happy (at the end, not during the climb HEH). So I will still continuously do the activity, but.. I will choose what’s best for me. Not outrageously go for the hard one. Although it mean that I cannot follow my friend’s plan. (T_T) But I know my body and I have to accept the fate that I’m not strong enough.

Okaylah, stop the checklist. This check list will go on and on as the time goes by. So don’t worry about not to spell everything out today. It surely will grow.

May Allah help me to build the new and better nest.


Until then..