I’m back to HQ, I don’t feel like I belong too. 😦

Despite of my resisting of going back to HQ, because of the boring-ness, the so getting monitored by everyone, the jammed that need to face everyday and etc, I find one good thing about that, which I actually find time and courage to update my blog. HAHAH. Why not, since FB and You Tube seem too sin full. 😛

Although I feel it’s almost thousand years not updating any entry, my last entry was only just last month. HEHE.

So Happy Eid Mubarak everyone! Maaf Zahir Batin.

This year, I feel like I’m getting less religious than before, and I feel so bad about that. Sometimes it’s really hard to control your lust. I leaved many terawih night, and if I did, I just did 8 rakaat at home, not 20 rakaat at masjid/surau. I even forgot to bayar zakat fitrah which I need to settle about this ASAP. (T_T)

This year probably is the regretting year. I need to change myself. I didn’t get any better. But since it’s still July, I have 5 more months before end of this year. So let’s change to be the better me.

This year, I didn’t plan to celebrate the festive in both my parent’s and my uncle’s house during the same holiday because I don’t have anymore leave. So I planned to celebrate with my parents first, coming back to work, and then celebrate the next weekend with my aunt’s family at Taiping. But on a few days before raya I find out that my company gave 2 days must-take-on-leave-but-we-will-deduct-from-your-annual-leave, so suddenly I had a long holiday. Because of it was so sudden, I still stick with the plan. But until now, I’m still thinking what happened to the people who already out of their leaves? Will this become unpaid leaves? But I already got full month paid for July salary. May be they will deduct it on August’s salary. (-_-“)

5 days at kampung already satisfied me a lot. I never had a long vacation to my kampung. I think 3 days would be the longest holiday I took, included 2 days of the journey to and from my kampung. So this year we spend more time together between siblings. Sure my siblings felt the different, since I’m the one who always missing during family gathering (bajet-bajet the busiest la). Tulah, cuti semua habis travel sana sini. Huhuhu.

Okaylah. That’s all for now. We’ll see if I keep on updating everyday or not. HAHAHA.


Family Picture Raya 2015. Missing in the pic: my 2 nephews.

Until then, daaa..