HAHAHA.. kan saya dah cakap, kerja-kerja update ini tak semudah yang disangka. Maaflah kalau refleks saya untuk mengakhiri update lebih cepat dari waktu nak mula update. 😛 Sampai tak sempat nak letak regards pun.. (-_-“)

Anyway, without further delay, let’s continue my update. Hari tu berenti sampai mana? Oh about taking leaves. Yes, I think my boss totally understand about the important of taking leaves. After a few incident of course. 😉

It started on Jan, when I wanted to ask for another leaves on March. After taking 10 days leaves for Dubai and Egyps trip on early Dec. Huhu. But I started with asking how early I need to ask for leaves. Without much info, he already slashed my idea. Damn. Rasa macam nak rebel je time tu. Panik pun ada. But I know rebellious won’t bring you anywhere. So I plan a few plan.

1. I don’t talk to him much. I just talked important matters.

2. I just do my work. Try to complete as much as I could.

3. When I get scolded, I don’t response much. I just listen.

4. I avoided unnecessary meeting with him. Meet only when it’s important.

Of course he noticed my behavior. But he can’t do much, because I still do my job. The next month, I decided to change direction. First meeting him early in the morning, I greeted him. And I just stay at my place, not avoiding him anymore. After a moment, I asked if I can take leaves. After a few question, he just agreed. Woah, senang sangat ni. Tapi saya bersyukur jelah.

Not long after that, he needed us to work during Chinese New Year. Then I just agreed to work on both day. Of course it because the reward of replacement, 2 : 1. 😛 But what’s the matter most that, I showed to him that I don’t mind work more or overtime. It’s just that, as much as people work hard, we need time reward to. As for me, I need leaves.

Eh. Cerita my boss always take half of my entry. HAHAHA.

Trip. I have 6 planned trips. 2 already accomplished. 2 got cancelled. And 2 will be soon.

1. Dubai/Egyp Trip – Nov/Dec 2014 (done)

2. Langkawi (family trip) – Jan 2015

3. Gunung Tahan – Feb 2015

4. Hanoi Trip – March 2015 (done)

5. Bromo/Pakelan/Ijen Trip – Apr 2015

6. Xi’an Trip – June 2015

I think I need to stop planning for this year. I’m tired of ad hoc planning. HAHHAA. But I never regret though. All the experience is priceless.

Okay. I’m done with my entry. I will try to make entry for all my trip. Hopefully I still can tell you the correct story based on pictures and itinerary I prepared before. 😉

Until next time. Daa..