Wow. This must be a new record. Of not touching my blog. HAHAHA. 😀

I’m not totally forgot about my blog actually. I always visit them. Without an update though. I always thought of updating it actually. But you know how this thing work. It’s not like when you plan to write, then tadaa.. complete one entry! No, not that way. HAHAH. When I have a story to tell, I must have a mood to write too, and idea as well. Kalau tak.. well saya pun macam you all. Datang visit this page jelah.

Let’s talk about my current state.

Job. I still have a job. Last time, I remember that I hate my job. HAHAHA. Anyway, don’t worry, I still hate them. But not as much as last time. May be I already can adapt with this kind of working environment. And I’m having a bunch of good people around me as well. So it reduce my stress level. However, I still don’t have many free time. Or taking leave as I please. So yes I need another job.

Somehow, I already make my boss understand that taking leaves is important for me, and I hardly take “NO” answer to that. HAHAHA. Remember my previous trip to Dubai and Egypt. Well, I had trip almost every month actually. Lucky my Feb trip got cancel.

Eh. Dah pukul 6. Malam lah sambung balik.