A quick update. I’m early today, and I got free parking! Yeay.. 🙂

But I’ll be back late. So no Yeay.. HAHAHA.. But relax.. I have nothing much to do now accept read and study the system, so nothing stress me much.

Beside, I’ve been doing something else when I got boring or lost in my reading. HAHAH. But I think, I just finish one module by the end of the day. 2 days for one module (just general knowledge) is not bad.

My boss come to the site. So I have been restless. HAHAH. Takde lah. But yes, I’ve become more aware of everything. This is so much distraction. And he still not go back home yet. Geez.. how can I be back if he’s not go back yet? So I’ve been checking on him since after lunch. I guess, I just set time to be back after maghrib. Macam berpura-pura pulak kan? Iskh iskh iskh.. I’m so bad. Okay2.. betulkan niat. I stay back to study, not to check on my boss. HAHAHA.

Okay then. Have a nice holiday everyone. Salam Eidul Adha. As for me, it will not be relax weekend. I have to drive back to hometown tomorrow, there will be kenduri there.

Eh. My boss is coming. Hadoi.. I can’t focus anymore. Iskh. Okay I end this entry now.  Bye!