HAHAHA.. this is like giving live update pulak! But true, I met the boss this morning. Sampai terlepas lunch. The truth is, bukan saya seorang, with another 2 colleagues. So no big deal.

And this is not my first time. He’s the one who I met during interview. And the one who make the decision to hire me (because he’s the only one who interview me). No 1st level and 2nd level interview. I don’t know either this place takda that protocol or he just by pass the protocol, tapi that’s how it happened. But that one don’t count as meeting kan. Okay. The second one, the first day I enter this place. Brief me a little bit of everything. And today become the third we met. Together with 2 other new staffs.

To be honest, I quite scared and nervous. First, because he’s GM. Like, big people meeting small people kan? Then, to me he’s knowledgeable, intelligent and have great responsibility. And he’s young! HAHA. Okay, tu saya baru tau tadi. Not that young like younger than me, or same age like me. But it’s still too young to me, with ‘that’ post. So I don’t know, what impression should I display.

Bukanlah nak pergi berlakon ke apa. But you know, you have know how to behave according to who you meet. Macam kalau jumpa the eldest, you respect them. Kalau jumpa kawan, you act friendly and warm. End up, I just do a lot of nodding. HAHA. I mean really a lot!! HAHAHA. Because he talks a lot. He talk about company direction, about the project, about the organization, about the problem and all. Of course, he talk much sebab ade kawan dia yang juga new member.

Lucky he’s GM, he won’t be around, especially at client’s site. Otherwise, I can’t work! KAH KAH KAH. No lah! Mengada sangat. But seriously, agak cemas juga ni. I have a feeling that the other two friends are greater than me. Hish. Saya memang pelik sikit. Suka merendah diri tak tentu pasal. Tapi better than being cocky kan? HAHAHA. 😀

So begitulah. I need to be strong. There’s no one to support me. Tapi saya pun tak boleh hidup seorang diri. So my tactics will be, being nice to all! And prepare for the worst!

Tu boleh panggil tactics ke? Hehehe.. 🙂