Remember my azam about how I plan to cook for my diet?

So I already done that for a few month. My comment.. not bad for someone who don’t know how to cook.

I cook almost every day, as I bring food to work. Before I went to bed, I cook the food for tomorrow, if the cook takes longer time. If it’s just plain simple, then I just prepare the ingredient in the night, and cook in the morning.

What do I cook?

For someone who is so armature about cooking, I just done with simple recipe. And thank God, I found the special blender, that make my diet easier. So I save up the blend thing in the morning for breakfast. Usually I make banana smoothies for my breakfast.


So I just need to cook for lunch. I choose very very simple recipe, that include sandwich, porridge, or fried rice, or just plain rice with sardin or some fried vegi with egg. If I’m a bit rajin, then I cook mix vegi soup with chicken to eat with rice. Otherwise, I would like to make it 1 dish only. Do not want to bring a lot of container for food to work.

During weekend, if I don’t go out, I satisfy myself with just sandwich.

2014-01-17 09.16.24

ni pun dah kenyang..

How it taste?

Not bad! But not that good either. HAHA. That’s why I never cook to others. As I always said friend, “I just cook to continue living..” HAHAH. Speaking like I’ve been trapped in the jungle. πŸ˜€

How about the saving up?

I’m not sure I save a lot yet, since my account book missing, and I already lost track how much I spend for groceries in a month. And since I find smoothies recipe in the internet, it tend to choose the expensive ingredient, like grape, strawberry etc. I even bought avocado to try. So no, I don’t think I save up a lot.

But I’m satisfied. At least, I eat less fast food, and eat more raw and healthy ingredient. I try to cut more process food in my recipe. So no hotdog, no nudget, no much process food. And right now, I just want to enjoy the cooking part. Later, I will try to cut cost and think how I can save money.

But sorry people, no picture available. Because when I cook in the morning, I’m chasing the time too, to go to work. And of course, I always late. πŸ˜› Thank God I work at site. May be I have 1 smoothies picture that I took, to show to my whatsapp group. But that’s all.


Don’t you find this yummy or werkk.. hehehe.. πŸ˜€

Okay, now I found 2 more pictures that I send to friend in the whatsapp. Just realize that I share a lot of thing with them. Haih.. open up too much.



ni time tgh rajin ni.. sandwich pun buat jugak..

ni time tgh rajin ni.. sandwich pun buat jugak..

So to folks out there, if you wanna save your money by cooking, but always give excuse for not knowing how to cook, my advice is, just try first! And don’t try extravaganza recipe. Just try simple recipe. And please select recipe that use 2 or 3 ingredients only. You still don’t how to measure the ingredients yet.

Otherwise, you will end up like me, preparing for like 5 people, while actually it’s just only for me. (-_-“)

Note: While I preparing list for groceries this morning, I put something rare in the list..

item no 9 tu agak-agak bleh jumpa kt supermarket tak.. :P

item no 9 tu agak-agak bleh jumpa kt supermarket tak.. πŸ˜›