Sometimes I just love my hormones. Because the way it react sometimes get to close to others’ heart. But sometimes I just hate it as I can’t control it. I am emotional person. I just let the heart overpower the brain, and doing stupid thing. Or doing nothing. At all!

That’s what I feel inside me right now. Nothing related to the story below. (-_-“)

Lately, many thing happened. Can’t figure out which one to tell first.

Someone I owe big time

I’ve been living with Pak Ndak since form 1, for some reason. Before that, I had been moving here and there, living with this and that people, including my family. I can’t seem to figure out why I kept on moving. I guess I’m such a favorable person, every family and relatives keep asking to stay with them. πŸ˜›

Pak Ndak’s house was my last stop, of moving around. Then I just decided to enter boarding school. It much easier, and free and fun. HAHA. However, he still supported my study and living. I even went to his house first during school holidays, before spent the entire holidays with families. And it happen until now, which is why I always said that I have 2 kampung.

Anyway, he got sick last month. Suddenly he got lung infection and need to be treated in ICU. For a 78-year-old man, with a few disease already diagnosed, this is not an easy situation to handle. There were so many time bad thought cross my mind. Don’t blame me when I already had a friend who is still young died after been given sedative to sleep in ICU, for resting the lung. And suddenly he just won’t wake up. I know it’s qada and qadar, but it still worries me a lot.

But Alhamdulillah, after 30 days being admitted, 12 days had been slept, and had been changed to 2 hospital, from Columbia Taiping to KPJ Ipoh, finally he got discharge. However, due to long stay in the hospital, and paralysed for more than 10 days, he was so weak and he can’t walk. He need to do some physiotherapy to make blood circulate through the body, and hopefully he can at least stand again.

As for the family members, we can’t rest by this situation. From the beginning, if we have nothing urgent to do during weekend, then we will visit him, regardless wherever we are and wherever he is. And so do I. If I have no schedule activities, I will be back and visit him. Sometimes, I just took 1 day off, because I have full schedule over the weekend. It was quite tired period for everyone but we just have to do that. We can’t even bare to think if we were not there when anything happened.

Ya Allah, please gives us strength and patience to go through this situation. Hopefully everything went well. So far, he already went back to Taiping again. So probably his condition quite good already. I don’t know much, because I didn’t go back last week.

glad to have this photo as family..

glad to have this photo as family..

Moving again

I need to move again. Oh my.. *sign*

When I decided to move to my cousin’s house, I assumed that this is my final stay, before I get married and live with husband. HAHA.. I even plan one you know. Although the funny part is, I never even have ‘the potential’ until now. I guess fate doesn’t come across me yet. πŸ˜‰

Anyhow, for some reason I don’t know, my cousin sold her house. I know that I ‘dislike’ (try not use the strong word) and has been complaining about how crowded the house area and always create jammed, as they build a lot of restaurant and shop lot nearby. And not long time ago, there are also rumors they gonna build Tesco too, but someone confirm me that it’s not true. ~actually I don’t know what’s true and what not~ (-_-“)

But to just decide to move because of that is not an option. Not after I bought so many furniture. Are you crazy? With my wardrobe that was too heavy and too tall, and a lot of things inside my room now, when I heard about moving was just wanna make me cry. (T_T)

However, the decision has been made. And instead of 6 months, now my cousin told me we need to move on in 2 months. *cry again* And I don’t find any house yet. We already look for 2 houses, and I’m not fully satisfied with that. Haih.. that’s the problem with me. I’m too fussy.

So, wanna work more harder, finding dream house. Huhu..

Need to build a nest again.. *sign*

Need to build a nest again.. *sign*

Until then..