Tomorrow will be training for the third batch of doctors. Not too nervous like the first one. After all, there will be three of us, like always.

Because I’m not so nervous, I still can watch Faith drama (korean drama) tonight. While watching that, my mind wildly thinking about tomorrow’s training. Not about what to teach or how to teach, but whose I’m gonna teach. HEH! 😀

19-Class-of-Heroes-Chrono-Academy-4Rasanya, macamana lah rupa doktor yang datang esok. Usually it’s either too young or too old. Too young, sama baya dengan adik-adik saya. Too old pulak, memang menakutkan sebab diorang tu specialist. Kalau ada pun sama baya dengan saya, (so far takde lagi) mesti dah kahwin. ~HAHA. Dah nampak tak direction penceritaan ini. 😛


I’m not expecting miracle or drama here. But you know, sometime I wonder if I actually find my future husband here. Kah kah kah. 😀 Sempat lagi nak berangan kan.

Anyway, to whom yang tak faham kerja saya, I teach hospital’s staffs how to use system. Not only doctor, there will be nurses, medical assistant, clerk and any staff that will be using our system. So I’m not that good in medical knowledge. Just knowing a little bit here and there for the sake of my work. Kalau tak faham cara kerja doktor, macam mana nak ajar doktor guna system dan bagi contoh yang relevan masa training kan? 😉


Okaylah, don’t want to make up story or speculate here and there. Cuma nak cerita I do wish I make ‘friend’ with doctor. 😉