Gosh.. I don’t know what to do with this blog!

Every time I try to update something, then I remember that I have a lot of ‘hutang’ to update. Now I don’t which one to do first, to update what I was thinking, or to update my recent activity, or.. to update the previous x10 activities?

And it left me not update at all. Huhuhuh… 😦

Then when I open my blog, I fell so sad. It’s so lonely, like I already abandon it. Poor my little blog.. like I never visit it for years (actually I visit my dashboard everyday).

Remember that I said I already half way making Singapore’s Trip entry (it’s actually just 2 paragraphs with a few picture.. hewhewhew), I can’t even continue the story. I think I already forgot the details. And I can’t decide which picture to publish. Way too many pictures taken.. and I’m so lazy to edit it. But I hate to publish it just like that. Oh God.. now I don’t even know what I want.. pffttt!!!

Okay.. let’s move to another story, otherwise I’ll keep whining about how I don’t know what to update..

Smart Phone

Everyone knows that I already bought new smartphone. At first, I just feel plain about it. Now it went crazy. Pretty much crazy that I look at my phone every 30 minutes. HAHA. I’m still not crazy enough to look every 5 minutes. But still.. I look at it more often.

The thing is.. I still don’t have data plan. HAHA. What about smartphone if you don’t have data plan right?  But thanks to free wifi.. I still can survive. I got free wifi in the office, and when I go lunch, the restaurant provide free wifi too. Sometimes I even ask my friend to open her data plan to make her phone become modem, so I can get the wifi. HAHA. Thank Mari Chan, you are my true friend!

So, I just ‘off’ during weekend, and it’s still fine to me.

One apps that I like playing most is instagram. I like looking people’s pictures as well as upload mine. I like to upload beautiful scenery, or pictures that mean something to me. It’s either delicious food, the event I attend or even friends that surround me. HEH. What else should I posted right? No.. there’s one type of photo I still don’t have courage to upload. It’s a self-taken-picture with me alone in it. Woo.. I really salute people who dare to publish their self taken picture. No.. I’m not judging anything. It’s just me who.. very shy perhaps.. *sila jangan muntah!* HAHA.

No.. actually I can’t believe that my face is sooooo round like a ball.. or moon.. or call whatever thing that so round…. and… fatty *pretend you never read that*

Okay.. I think that’s all. It’s already 6.46pm and I’m alone in the office right now. But now I’m pretty happy to see my blog updated already.


Playing with self taken photo at Art Meseum at Singapore. It change my photo into lego blocks.

Until then.. daa..