So don’t really meant to write this. It’s not my style to publish what I have or bought recently, unless I have something ‘bothering’ to talk about it. HAHAH. ๐Ÿ˜€

So.. finally I bought the hp, after so much reviewed and studied. It actually age a month. But after bought it, I keep it safely and securely in my beg, and only see it once awhile, or when I got call. Something that most of friends can’t understand it. They said, what’s the point having smart phone, if you just keep it in your beg.

The thing is, I don’t really get why we must get involve too much with the gadget. And I got a lot of confusion with a lot of the apps. FB, twitter, instagram, LINE, Whats App, and what not. HAHAHA. Sometime, I don’t know when to update what. Seriously!!

But last week, I went to Singapore (I’ll write about it in other entry), so there I played a lot with my gadget. I mean, I took pictures, I published them instantly, I called and text friends using the network, I watched movie and many more. Okay, this gadget is very useful and help me a lot to fill in my time. And I had to learn and catch up a lot during those 3 days, so it will benefit me. Lucky all my friends are so master about it. But still can’t get what application to use.

That’s when I felt so left behind. I never felt that way before, instead, some of friends keep calling me FB analyst, as I keep updating and reviewing FB new features to them. *Kantoi selalu main facebook.. hahaha*

But, when I went back to Malaysia and start working, the hp still locate to where it usually be, in my beg. I mean, I still can’t get the virus of holding and looking for every 5 minutes, despite from my recent activity in Singapore. HAHAA. Instead, I just look at it only after office hour, it only because, I on wifi and got a lot of update from there, so I need to clear it up. ๐Ÿ˜›

It’s either I’m too busy with work *oh.. these days memang banyak betul kerja.. macam tak menang tangan!*, or I don’t really much into this thing, or may be just not yet!

me with hp

Got caught by cousin when using it, and begging her to remove the tag in fb.. so that no one knows.. HAHAย  ๐Ÿ˜€

*Kesian hp aku, dapat tuan yang tak pandai nak menggunakan sepenuhnya..*