Happy New Year friends!!

I’m not kinda people celebrating new year. In fact, I never celebrate any eve like this. Not new year, not Merdeka, not anything. How dull my life must be right? Or at least that’s what some of you might think!

But NO. I never think of that way. It just me who don’t really into this kind of crowd event thing. I’m happy celebrating it peacefully alone, or with some close people, like friends and family.

Anyway, last night was my first night went out during new year. But I was not celebrating new year. Colleagues and me just having dinner at Medan Ikan Bakar in Melaka. The funny thing was, after having the meals, we realised that we don’t even ordered ikan bakar.

Unfortunately, I was having stomachache a few hour before, so I didn’t eat much. But being together that really matters for me.

So again, happy new year to all. Let’s check out your last year resolutions if still abandon. Renew it for 2013. Or just make new. Do what ever, so that it will make you looking forward for the days to come. 😉