Tea Party

I saw this ads in fb. Since there’re some friends join the event, I just sign in too. Quite awkward at first to blend with the crowd. I mean, beside 4 of us, everyone is alien to me. And I don’t how this program works.

After awhile, they started the session, by introducing what is Young Muslim Project and the objective of the program. Then they had hair styling session, followed by hijjab styling session. There were also some sharing session about organic products, what chemical product to avoid and also how to make lip balm on your own! :O And of course there are foods and entertainment as well, otherwise it won’t be called Tea Party.

All and all, it’s quite an interesting event. And still awkward event to me too. Because I never join any event like this. Judging from everyone’s appearance, they are quite high profile and well educated too. Not high profile like isteri menteri, artist or ‘somebody’ people know.. but they are nothing like friends I used to linger. I’m sorry, may be it’s because I come from kampung and so ordinary.. HEHE. 😀

However, I like the objective of the group, and some of their charity program. And this program too. I mean, they share their knowledge about everything, including grooming ourselves. May be this is the way Muslim sisters in the city live their life. The Islamic way of life.

Sorry, no pic. Of course there will be no pic. This is close session for sisters. 😉