It’s only a week to a new year. I’m supposed to have version and resolution for 2013. I’m supposed to already have a plan. Then I’m supposed to have a kind of attitude to can’t wait to celebrate new year with full of things to do.

But no.. I’m nowhere near to that. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m so lazy to even think about anything. I don’t want my current job. I don’t want to go to work. I’m so lazy to follow healthy diet. I’m so lazy to exercise. And I’m also lazy to read. All and all, the lazy in me took over everything.


That was what I thought last afternoon. Tonight, I feel like I need to fight back this feeling. I’ve been carried away with this feeling for quite sometime. Damn you Ha,  keep yourself together! Life is a roller coaster. It will rock and shake you whenever and wherever it please. So face it. Face whatever in front of you. Adapt with the situation.

But yeah.. it doesn’t mean I have a plan yet. No, I don’t. But whatever happen tomorrow, let’s face it. And if I survive (Insya-Allah I will survive), then I need to plan for my future. I have too. No doubt about that. Life is too short to grief. I have a lot to do and to plan and to recover.

I pray to Allah to get me through with all of this. I mean, come on, it’s not in the of the world yet. I’m not in the end of my life yet. God do his job, while I do mine. So I need to be grateful for having not a hard time like people in Gaza, or the poorer and weakness where there’s nobody to turn to. I just having a little difficulty in my life, which just need a little bit more effort to solve it. I can get through this. That’s all.