I have a lazy mood today. So I just write random.


Story #1

I just poured a hot soup of instant noodle into my lap. It was so damn hot that I saw redness in my skin. I had to put tooth paste and pray that it will heal. And then I had to clean the floor. Dush.. when I felt so lazy, that’s how life me work more.

Story #2

There was sometime that I fell I really wanna get married. And I felt so frustrated by that. I mean, I cannot just have the dream in one minute, and then another minute I fell happy being single. It doesn’t work that way, isn’t it?

Story #3

I have a lot to read, but what happen when I’m home is I just sleep a lot.

Story #4

I need to exercise a lot. I’m going to hike Mt. Rinjani in Bali on the coming May. I need to built a stamina for that. But I done nothing yet!

Story #5

I really need to change job. And the offer still not coming.

Story #6

Tomorrow, I’m going to attend weeding ceremony of my outdoor friend. We hiked Mt. Kinabalu together, together with his siblings. I actually get to know his brother first, then his siblings and him. What a great friendship we have. But still I can’t figure it out what present suit him best!

*After reading back what I wrote, I sense complains in every story. My god.. am I that bad!