I just realize that, when I was super busy at work, then I left my blog alone for about 1-2 weeks or more, I would recover the loss by posting more than usual. Just like yesterday, I just posted 3 entries per day. HAHA. 😀 Then I continuously write an entry the next day. Like this.. Now it show how much I miss blogging. 😉

So, what to update this time? I’ve been a bit down for the past a few month. It’s work related. I think it’s because of the current project that I’ve been handling with. What to do. Life must goes on. So I just what I need to do to survive. Which is being pretender. I’m such a good pretender that most of my friends say that I’m the best actress. HAHA. I don’t want to admit that. That’s not something good to remember about me. But yes, I can switch my expression within a few second, provided if I want to. Sometime I have to forget what I felt, in order to finish my job.

In the mean time, I’m trying my best to find the new opportunity anywhere else. Since I’ve been lack of luck lately, I’m reconsidering to lower the expected salary, if that necessary. But not that I will take any risk to accept any offer without considering the prospect of the company. I hope this is a better solution.

Okay then, I need to get rest for tomorrow. I got session with user. I need to mentally be prepared and ready with anything. Oh no, I’m not hopping something bad! I really want it to go well. Previous day, it went well and I’m really glad.

It just that, I don’t want to get shock.