What should I do this weekend? I don’t plan it yet, but I plan to plan it. A weekend without plan is a total waste. Believe Me! I’ve done that. I’ll end up having Korean drama marathon for the whole weekend.

So may be I should go swimming? But swimming alone quite boring. Beside, I hate the guards staring at us in swimming pool, like we gonna drawn in any minutes. And I hate when they start questioning if am I a resident. Of course I am. *Sigh*. I can’t blame them. They just doing their job. There are many students take granted with those facilities. Seriously they need to be monitored. Otherwise, the resident themselves cannot use them. It will always full with them. It happened before. And the part they make noise that I cannot stand most. Seriously.

But I can’t help feel irritating and insecure with those guards.

May be I should swim with Pae. So I need to go to Putrajaya lah.

Then if I’m not mistaken, Pae asked me to join open aerobic at Taman Equien this Sunday. I will ask my colleagues to join this.

So my weekend will be filled in. Yeay..