My life doesn’t going smooth and straight for the past couple of weeks. Our project in Putrajaya is already LIVE last 23rd Oct, so we have been there supporting through days and night.

After having hectic life for 2 weeks, my life back to normal as I’m back to Cyberjaya today. Again. Hmmm…

That 2 weeks was no questionable tiring. But I’m having fun too. Not that I’m having fun working more than 12 hours per day, but because that  was the only opportunity to gather with other colleague. Ever since I’ve been assigned to Cyberjaya’s project, I felt so lonely and miserable. But I put all the blame to myself, as I always told myself before, ‘I choose to who I become’.

When you’re working straight, with not enough rest, then your health condition become unstable. So do I. It started with gastric. At first, I tried to get fast medication, as I agreed to get 3 injections for pain killer, gastric and avoid vomiting. But that just successfully kill the vomiting part, but I got diarrhea instead. And the stomachache still on. After holding on for 4 days, I gave up. So I went to see the doc again. This time around, I swear I won’t take injection. No more. And they give me Charcoal and pain killer.

After resting 2 days during the weekend, now I feel relieve, a bit. I think, it had something to do with what I ate and our stress level.

Now that I’m back to Cyberjaya, I don’t know how high the stress level could become. 😉

Enough for this time. Until then..