Salam Ramadhan.

I had an interview this morning, and all I can say it wasn’t went smoothly. So I’m down abit. I think I didn’t do it better. There were a few answer that I still wonder if I answered correctly. Because all I can remember were I answered honestly. A total blunt truth. May be what I said was not correct in order to get the job. And to add in my failure reason, I didn’t do any study to my resume, to the company I interviewed and to the post I applied. I even forgot details in my resume. What a stupid mistake!

Fine. That’s was totally my fault. Man Jadda Wa Jadda. I didn’t do anything. I can’t expect a miracle.

Next time, I need to be prepared!! No excuse anymore. No busy, no time to work and not get prepared for interview.

one of the question that I think I failed to answer