I miss blogging. I miss publish pictures. I miss the time that I have time to be lazy.

I am in Temerloh right now. I didn’t even have a day off since last 2 weeks. And probably the following week as well. Too many work. Too little time.

Last night, I’ve been on site until 4 in the morning. And probably this night as well. What a day!!

However, I rather see half full glass of water than empty. I want to focus on my work, and try to solve all issues by end of this month. Actually I have to. That’s the requirement. Again.. what a task!

I think I plan add on my task. Not enough with work load, wanna find other task some more?? HAHA. Anyway, I plan to take as many as possible interesting picture while I’m here. Or anywhere else. So first task is to recharge my camera battery.

Until then, daa..