15 April 2012 (Sunday)

Ini adalah terkejut-terkejut punya aktiviti. Unplanned event. My friend’s in office has a friend who known people from autism charity club, told me about this event on Friday. Thinking of nothing to do for that week, I agreed to join for that. And then I asked a few friends to joined as well, tapi hanya cik Mari Chan saja yang free.

Since it was last minute participation, so no goodie beg for us. Nasib baik still dapat t-shirt and a few things like food etc. So here some pictures.

Autism Charity Walk bena

registration – sebab last minute, dpt tengok sajalah goodie beg yg ada..

we found an interesting red vespa..

it start from mall’s parking lot..

bright and wonderful morning..

for 600 meters more to walk, somebody still need first aid..

sampai hampir sudah..

yeay.. berjaya sampai ke garisan penamat.. ~3km walk je pun~ (-_-“)

air air air..

kitorang jumpa Sharifah Sofea

acara last.. makan!