Working in a few places at different state can be confusing sometimes. While there’s a place got public holiday, nor the others.

Like today. For the pass couple of weeks, we’ve been working at Putrajaya. So basically if we’ve been outstation to the place for long period, we’re going to follow their public holiday.

But suddenly the boss called to office urgently yesterday, to do God-knows-what-but-nothing-that-important job, suddenly it make us confuse again, either to take a leave or not (Read: our HQ at PJ). Because tomorrow, we are going to Putrajaya again.

At first, I decided to just take the leave, but if there’s something important and urgent, I just go to work. I’m so willingly to go to office, if needed.

But since my boss try make noise, and asking something unreasonable, which I don’t want after that happened like yesterday, I felt so fed up.

(Read: what happened yesterday was he was forcing us to come to office as there were a tone of work to do, but end up nothing happened, and the job only came after 4pm, and then he tried to make a meeting at 5pm, which after that I only arrived at home at 9pm, due to having no car and using public transport, yes I still got angry with that).

It’s end up, I applied for the leave today, and off the phone!

That’s it!!