So I was still sick last Friday morning. No work. No training. No call from boss (except only at 8 in the morning, when he’s about to hand the task).

The fever went down in the evening. But I still went to clinic to get more investigation. Actually I just little scared with leptospirosis (virus kencing tikus). But to my disappointment, the doctor got no knowledge about that. So, she just asked to come back again and get the referral to hospital on Monday, if I still feel sick.

Since I have a little free time this weekend (we are having a rest weekend this week since we did heavy activity last weekend), I’m planning to go to Ipoh, to get result of police report case (for the accident last month). And since I don’t have car, I’m planning to travel by train. What an adventure journey. HAHA. šŸ˜€

But to my sadness, my cousin, who suppose to join me, can’t do that. She got sick. So I’m traveling alone, with my body still fill sick. Poor me. ~I’m looking for sympathy right now, who wanna to follow me? HEHE.

I will write more, when I’m free (while I’m still in Ipoh I mean).