There’s a lot to say for this time. I don’t know if I can make it, or it might turns out to be I write something like “to be continued to the next entry”, that at last will be forgotten and no update at all. But I’ll try to complete this entry as I’ll make it short and sweet.

Let’s start with what happened to me recently.

Got Sick

Last a few days, I got sick. I felt reallyย  sick that I vomited at 2 o’clock in the morning. And I can’t help myself but moaning of my sickness all the night.

Most of my friends know that I always got stomachache due to many reasons. I have gastric, easily bloated, period pain, allergic to lactose or sometimes just pain with no reason. I guess I have a sensitive stomach. I can even easily get stomachache when I’m nervous. So for that night case, I think that might something to do with what I already ate.

But I had a feeling that this might happened because I was being tested by Allah.

A few hours before that happened, I groaned about my appetite that I can’t control. I ate a lot and always craving for more, and it caused me gain more weight. I even scolded my body for cannot control myself and for growing bigger. Now, I can’t eat more than I should.

There’s a lot to think about that.

An Accident

On Friday last week I went back to Taiping and got accident. My car got hit by an Alza near Plaza Tol Ipoh. There’s a lot of car during that night that causing a little traffic jam. So when the Saga Erobec in front of me make an emergency break, I did it too. I was safe but my car wasn’t. Luckily, we weren’t driving too fast.

So, I took an EL last Tuesday to settle down everything. I am very thankful that during the accident and after that, no drama happened. I was calm and rational (except that I just don’t know what to do first) and the man who hit my car done nothing absurd nor scold me. I know that it was his fault but anything can happen during those moment. After all, I was being alone.

And I already made police report, and waiting for result of the case to come out in 2 weeks. I also already submitted insurances claim, and waiting for Perodua branch call me to send the car when insurances adjustor set up appointment (the adjustor already call me and check my car today, but I still have a few day to use the car before sending to Perodua).


Not to update about what I’m good about. My level still same like last time reported. ๐Ÿ˜‰

But due to my almost-every-night swimming training, now my body can’t bear too much cold. And sometimes I feel tender in my chest. But I’m not sure that tender got something to do with my swimming. Do I need to worried about?


Year 2012

I’m not planning to say something like new year resolution or what. I know a lot people might doing that, but I have no mood of doing that. Until last a few minutes ago, I was still doing the never-ending-what-so-ever documents. Tomorrow, I need to go to work. So yeah.. may be next time we talk about resolution (if I feel so).

Let’s talk about life. My life to be specific.

You know how my life is (based on what you always read). Despite a lot of thing that I always complain about, I can’t however say that I’m frustrated with my life. I’m very thankful for being me. Although some of you might feel different.

I know that I’m not that young and I’m still single. Most of friends already having family and children. And family (some) keep asking that $1,000,000 question. When when when? But are they forget, that it is not something that I could plan without the who, right? HAHA. I feel the humor there.

Dear all my friends (single or taken ๐Ÿ˜‰ ),

Everyone dreams for the happy life. Having husband or wife and children to cherish for. But who are us to question God’s work? So I’m thankful. Anda mungkin lebih dari saya. Tapi saya juga mungkin ada yang lebih dari anda. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Harap kita dapat saling melengkapi.

To all my marriage friends,

Be thankful. (Of course you are! ๐Ÿ™‚ ) You have someone to have and to hold. To share the joy and the pain. (eh? macam penah dengar kan ayat2 ni?) But always remember, life is not a straight line. Be prepared. (huh? who am I to give more advice for something I never experience? HEHE. Over tau.. ). I always pray you will always be blessed by God.

To all single friends,

Don’t be sad! (Itupun kalau korang sedih la.) We are in the same boat. Let’s rock and roll! (HAHA. Mengarut je!) No, I mean.. let’s spice up our life, while waiting for our fate to come. Kalau memang takda, nak buat macam mana, kan. Kerja Tuhan tak baik kita persoal. But what we can do, is pray to Him. Mungkin Tuhan suka nak dengar kita berdoa pada dia kan? Mungkin sebenarnya kita pun tak cukup bersedia lagi. Only God knows, kan..

Happy New Year!



(I’m taking 2 days 2 wrote this. I’m so worst, kan? ๐Ÿ™‚ )