I have health problem this morning, so end up I didn’t go to work. HEHE. But I decided to try work from home. Well, no choice actually, when all the date line is just around the corner. Anyway, never mind about that.

So while waiting email receive to my inbox, I surf fb, like ussual. Then I spot one unfamiliar face. I look at his name, no I didn’t recognize the name. Then I search his profile, ready to unfriend him if he certainly no one I know. Then I saw I common info with me, which is he’s the same batch with me when I was in Penang.

Then I search all his picture, again. Confirm, not a familiar face. Seriously seriously, who is this guy? Although I did not talk to all 300 people from my batch, I certainly think I knew all of them, at least the face, or the name.

And this is not first time. I had a few time where I found people I don’t know from my friend list. And fyi, I have issue with having unknown people in my friend list. HEHE. May be I just don’t like people I don’t know stalking me, or my recent activities suddenly appear to the wall of anybody.

Have you ever face the same thing? I mean, why out of nowhere suddenly you friend with this people? Or why suddenly their face or name change to somebody I don’t know?