Hi guys..

It’s been quite sometimes I didn’t write something. Or that’s how I feel.

The reason is I have no story to tell. May be actually I had one or two, but that’s not interesting enough to make me create an entry. And suddenly today, I feel longing to write here.

What else?


I’m doing just fine with my life. If that’s what you wanna ask. HEHE. : Still craving for another job of course, but I feeling a lil bit nervous thinking if this is the right step for me. So end up, I’m doing nothing about that. HAHA.  I’m busy as hell in the office, but as long as I’m good with boss and colleague, I still can bare with that. But of course it such unmanageable work stack. It so mess. I seem can’t figure out which to do first. Sometimes, I think all my task  is undone, or only half done. I definitely not meant to be manager or something. HAHA. 😀

Kelab Putrajaya

I do busy with activities too. Last week, we went kayaking, although after that we regret that. This time, we tried Kelab Putrajaya. It’s so expensive (RM20 per hour per person) and so ridiculous small. Not up to any lake standard we ever tried. Sure the lake is big, but we cannot go beyond the boundaries. So end up, we were circling around under the bridge, and gossiping.

And I hate some people around there. I know that we were usually talking too loud, that even one whole lake could hear our voice. Or mine. But it is rude to just casually pointing at us in public, and me of course, and accusing that. Not after we paying much for the service. People nowadays are sometime don’t know how to behave. Not that I’m really behave good and polite and all, but please bear in mind that we are customer and we pay a lot to come there.

But of course, it’s my fault too, talking out loud. Sometimes it’s hard to control yourself when you’ve been surrounded by people you love. But I shall improve myself. There’s definitely no excuse for me. Huhu.


And the week before last week, we went kayaking to Wetland. Again, I was joining Pae’s aerobics’s friends. Together with me were Mar and Jack, and of course Pae and her other 7 friends. Sometimes, I was mesmerizing by these Pae’s friends. Almost all of them married and have family, but they are so happening. At first glance, people wouldn’t thought they have family, let alone guessing they already married.

And about kayaking. Kayaking is kayaking. What else to tell.

So that’s my story. Hope I found excitement to write next time. HEHE.

Till next time..