I know, I suppose to write about Korea’s Trip. But when I watch ‘The Social Network‘ in HBO tonight (I still watch it right now, and the show will end in 15 minutes), I feel like I wanna write about it.

The thing is I don’t even understand 50% of the story, and it still keep my adrenaline arise. They talked fast, used many terms that I’m don’t understand and there was a few times I loose focus, so I lost the track. But somehow, I understand know what they talk about. Weird huh?

Basically, it’s about Facebook. And about the founder and the politics inside there. But I’m guessing what make me nervous is that I’m looking the story behind the story. You know Hollywood, you cannot 100% trust the story they made.

I used to hear the Facebook story. About the US or Jewish agenda and so on and so forth. I don’t know what to believe. Sometimes, I don’t even want to believe anything. Trust nothing and trust no one. Uhh.. it look like I some kind of freak and paranoid. Sorry..

Anyway, the movie end already. So do this review. Can I called it review? I have Facebook account, and sometimes I feel like Facebook don’t bring good things in life. But yet, I still use Facebook.