It’s too early to say that. It’s just 15th. But that’s definitely true. I’m broke! So, no great preparation for Korea. Just recycle and re-use things in my closet.

Since I have nothing to do in hotel’s room, I start thinking & imaging things I have back in my home, in KL.


Since, it’s the beginning of autumn, I think it might not be too cold. I surf weather broadcast just now and read that the temperature is around 24-14 °C during the trip. I think my blue sweater that I bought for Mt. Kinabalu is just enough to that. If that’s still not enough, I could use my long jack and 2-3 t-shirt to cover that. Which I think I won’t wear that much.


I just bought a pair of shoes before Raya for that trip. But, I don’t have sandal in case I need to use in the water, or during raining. I don’t think I should bring my damaged sandal to this trip. And I also need to rubber shoes, since we gonna have a little hiking and tracking over there.


This is one of my worries. I have no shirts to bring. I realize that I don’t buy shirts lately and keep wearing all the shirts I have, so I have no brand new shirts.


Since lately I gather a lot of scarf, I will change it into a mafla. HEH. 😀


I have a dream to buy a good camera for this Trip. But since I have no money, I already borrow my cousin’s 6MP camera. And I think, my 8MP hp camera is doing just fine.

What else..?

I can’t think of any. I fell sleepy and I’m going to bed. Will think about it later. But surely will think of bringing something that will spice up my trip.

ntah apalah yang saya nak fikirkan..? uh uh uh...

Till then.. see ya!