You might find my blog a lil boring lately, as there were no update from me. Sorry!! What else can I say.

Ramadhan already leave us with a lot of question. Are we done fasting ibadah perfectly? Are we do terawih perfectly? How much ibadah have we done? Is it more and better than last year and the previous? Last but not least, are we gonna meet next Ramadhan?

As for me, I could say, it would be a lil better than last year, but it is not enough, to compare to other people. I hope I could do better next year, if Allah give the opportunity to me.


1. All the outdoor activities has been stopped. No time and no energy. I had once thinking of jogging, since I came from work at 5pm. But then, I found new activity that is more interesting! 😉

2. More ibadah. Same as everybody else, I perform terawih, and try to read Al-Quran. I have a dream to khatam Al-Quran during Ramadhan, but sure I couldn’t, based on my previous experience, and also because I’m not good at reading it. But I hope He give redha with all my ibadah, even though it is not perfect.

3. Cooking. Lots of you know that I’m not good in cooking, and I have only a lil interest in that. But surprisingly I find the routine quite interesting during last Ramadhan. So I cooked after came back from work. But bare in mind, as I said earlier that I’m not good in cook the dishes, I always created new recipe and sometime it look weird! Errkk..

4. I don’t know why but lately, I lost interest in meeting friends. But last Ramadhan, we meet and I found the spark and interest again. Rahmat Ramadhan I guess!


1. As usual, I have 2 kampung to celebrate raya. The first half for this raya would in Pangkor. The next half (on 2nd raya) I celebrated in Taiping. Nothing interesting.

2. I have just been told that last year, when I visit some of relatives, one of them has been sending their ‘saka’ to another house through my family, when we visit the next house. FYI, there were some issues between a few family, and my mom already decided not to get into this thing. So, every raya, we still ziarah all families, regardless their issues. But when this thing happened, this year we discarded one of the house. After all, the family never been good to us. Sometimes, they just pretending to be the one!

3. Being the eldest, I can’t hardly ignore to find the best for my family. However, in order to find it, I found a lot of constraint. I want to give the best, at the same time, trying very hard to be a good child. And I found it difficult to achieve both. To manage that, it’s either I lost my temper, or I found myself being ignorance. Have any advice to me?

4. After raya’s holiday, I’m going out again. This time, I’ll be in Temerloh. Luckily, I already applied leaves for Korea. Because I heard that they are going to freeze the leaves again. Uh?

It’s not too late for me to wish

Salam Eidul-Fitri.. Maaf Zahir & Batin!