I left the blog this time for quite a long time! 2 weeks I think. And I did that on purpose. No matter what the reason was, it didn’t matter.

Anyway, I’m back! There are lots of things to tell. Thanks to Jack for making my heart warm (by hearing the story of him.. thanks to the penipulara.. HAHA), and a few other thing that make myself feel normal again, so I decide to write an entry.

I know I might seem a bit weird lately. If you are stalking me, you might see it. If you just a friend, then you wouldn’t. HAHA. I don’t know why either. It might be because of work. Or friends. Or my unstable hormone. Or unstable emotion. Who knows? Women are always like that, right?

So, I ‘m back! Eh. Tercakap 2 kali pulak. Mungkin saya sebenarnya belum stable lagi. Tapi cukup stable untuk kembali online.

Tak lama lagi nak Ramadhan. Persedian? Zero. Terlalu banyak impian. Dan terlalu banyak alasan. Kita memilih untuk menjadi apa yang kita mahu! Dan ia disertakan dengan sebuah perjuangan!

Salam Ramadhan!