I’ve been neglected to this blog for awhile, due the unexpected workload. Not entirely unexpected. It just that unexpectedly took a lot of my time. However, I’m still loving it. Naaahh.. that not the right word. I  feel blessed. Yeah.. it’s true, I feel blessed!! Not that I feel blessed having a ton of work. But, comparing to the exact experience of last 2 years, I do feel grateful.

Anyway, why we are talking about that? Not important.. not important. Naa nahh..!

I had a nice weekend last weekend, but couldn’t tell you more. I have to save the time. Most of you already saw the picture in my fb, so.. should I put some here? Okay, this entry might look boring if don’t put some.. so I put some! 😀

It started with Floria event.. at Putrajaya
crime partners for that day..
Although I took a lot of pics, non of them I feel perfect.. may be.. this is not my kinda thing..
then we also enjoy the night show.. again.. i choose this pic over lot of decorate boats..

Then, we went to kayak the next day. I love kayak more and more. I should learn how to swim, because it appear to me that I love water more than anything else. I mean.. the activities.. or more..?

under the bridge
standing up
X File

 The end.. of last weekend story!

I was a bit busy for the last couple of week.. then I had to wake up early this week. It starts from Monday, my boss called for a meeting at 8.30am sharp. He already gave early reminder to us at Saturday’s night, while I was having fun at Floria Fest. So we had no excuse to come late. Bleerrgghh..

Then, somehow I got stuck at a few task which lead me to be the document collector.  Which mean, I had to focus on that, in order to complete at the right time. And because of that, I need more time, so I came a bit early than usual, try to finish up the thing. Then, at Wednesday, today and tomorrow, again I need to wake up early, caused by the workshop. Ppfftt. Whatever.

The thing is, I’m not the morning type person. So, I’m struggling a lot to wake up, and then struggling again to sleep early. Except yesterday, I slept at 9pm while watching Korean drama, but then woke up at 1.30am and took time to sleep again.

But I hope, this is the starting point for me. I want to be a morning type, so that I had a lot of time to do a lot of thing.

Till then, daa…