Recently, I had comments on my unstable emotion. HAHA. Sorry. What to do. This is me. After all, this is the reason you read the blog, isn’t it? Am I right or am I right? HAHA. 😀

To be fair, I actually have happy life and live to the fullest. But just like any other women, I like to focus on negative side and exaggerate things. And, by focusing on the issue, I have something to talk about. I mean, come on, you know that it’s best to write when you write with your emotion. Apakah aku ni? cakap pun dah berbelit-belit. Enough said, I know you understanding me very well.

The thing I mostly like about me right now, is to know that I can go whenever and do whatever I want. When it’s pop up in my mind, I just go for it. HAHA. It’s kind of ad-hoc thing.

What are you mumbling Ha? Just tell what you wanna tell!

Right. Sorry. Let’s just tell the story.

I had a dinner last night. With a bunch of friends. And old and close friends. We dine at Maeps Restoran, Serdang. I traveled after work from KL, pick up 2 friends from KL and Putrajaya area, then move to Serdang. Gigih tak saya?

We ate, chit chat and played with friend’s son almost 3 hours. Then I sent both friends to their house, before went back to my home. I reached at my home at 12 midnight.

The result? I woke up late today! Hadoi la.. I thought I could wake up like always. Langsung tak sedar my cousin and housemate went out for work. So, I decided to take half day leave. Apakah pergi kerja dah nak dekat pukul 10 kan? So I decided to do a little house chores and go to bank.

After finish to do all the things, I decided to hang out with friend for a while, before go to office.

When I went to my friend’s house and need to drop out license at the entrance, suddenly I realize that I already lost my license. Huh.. I can’t remember when the last time I used the license. As far as I’m concern, it always in my wallet. Uh uh uh..

So the plan already changed! I called Mr. Boss and asked for full day leave. HEHE. Boss in the right mood today, so gave the permission. Yeay!! Why yeay?? I should be worried, right?

Yes, but the reason I was so happy is because, I can have free time today. Do you know that the license can be done in half an hour? How do I know? Err.. actually this is the second time I lost my license. HEHE.

So, today I hang out with friend. Happily hang out until now. Happily eating spaghetti goreng, made by her. Happily hang out although her husband gonna come back in any second from now. Hang out until I get a call from a friend. Then I will move to another plan. Nampak tak betapa tak malu saya di situ. HAHA. Lantak lah!

Okay.. I wanna finish up the spaghetti. Until then, daa..