I had a fight with consultant today!

Then she complaint me for being rude, and not respecting old people ~to be specific, to her!

Before that she said I was not doing my job, and done a big mistake.

She tried to threat me that I have to pay for the mistake.


That’s why I got mad. That’s why I raised my voice. That’s why I walked away from the room.

The thing is, she’s exaggerating the matters. Like hell, like it’s a big problem. Like what I’d done is a sin!

The thing is, she got mad at me because I didn’t collect TOT record from person I’d trained. That’s all! Which the solution is, I will collect that later. But no, I’d done such a terrible mistake, which now management already complaining about TOT not being done properly, and people not understanding one hell thing about system.

Damn you!! Damn you consultant for not trusting us! Damn the people who complain that!

And, I demand her to tell me who the hell telling that. Let me face the damn person!! Let me see the person who talking too much but doing nothing!!


The thing is.. I felt really sad. After all effort I put through, after all the patient I’ve given, after all sympathy and empty I’d given to support team here, that’s the story I heard. I have nothing to say..