After passed 15 days, this weekend my friends celebrated my birthday. Err.. not totally mine actually. I shared the same month with Mar, but her birth date will be next week. So the Belated and Becoming! Ehh.. betul ke? Err.. whatever lah!


We started the day by going to Mazda Service Center, so that Jaizah can service her car. ~eh.. tu pun nak cerita. Eh, before that, we went to Pae’s house, to take birthday cake that Pae’s sister made for us. After car service, we went to Waroeng Penyek at Ikano. We have lots and lots of food. Unfortunately, before that I had a little problem with my stomach. What a waste!

After eating session, they tried to find something for the birthday girls.. eh, suppose I should say birth-month girls. But takde hasil! So they decided toΒ  find the presents without us. Apa-apa jelah korang, janji ada! πŸ˜‰

Then we shopped at IKEA. Everybody found a thing to buy, except for Mari Chan. HEHE. That’s not her real name, but everybody start calling her that when she put that name on her fb. Nothing fancy after that, we went to my x-house to take my things, went back to my new house to put that things, then went back to Putrajaya.

Had dinner at mamak Presint 9, along with meeting about next year plan with some friends.


As usual, we had an outdoor activity this morning. Today, we had Bukit Tabur as our agenda. Still, the morning went not pretty well, as I still had a little problem with my stomach.

After stop from activity for quite sometime, a few of us felt very tired. It’s not normal, even for me, if you start to feel it after 5 minutes hike. Uh uh uh. 😦 Luckily, we made it as photography day. πŸ™‚ So, after from 10 minutes hike, we start taking picture at every stop or place that we felt unique and beautiful.

And Bukit Tabur is beautiful guys.. believe me!

gambar wajib ada bila g bukit tabur

pemandangan metropolitan kl dr atas bkt tabur..

sgt bahaya sbnrnya keadaan bukit ni.. jadi make sure pergi dgn org yg bleh guide u..

It took 5 hours to to hike and went back to cars. ~Padahal orang selalunya naik 2-3 jam je. πŸ˜›

so, that’s all for today. Tak larat la nak cerita banyak. Not feeling well and had a little headache, due to having expose too long to the sun.