Room Renovation Project has been started yesterday. Thanks to Along, for pushing me this time.

Yesterday, I went to IKEA to buy the things.

Today, I cleared my things and painted my room. Wow.. DIY is tough work. Especially when you do it all by yourself, no help from others. But what need to be done, need to be done. I already painted quarter from the room. Back from Temerloh next week, I will continue painting the rest.

I already called for help, to remove all unwanted furniture in that room. All the thing will be removed on Birthday of Prophet’s holiday. Tomorrow, IKEA will send my things. The house surely will be messed up. But I don’t care. If I don’t do it now, I don’t know when I find the time to do it.

After I finish paint the room and remove the unnecessary furniture, I will make another call for help, to put up the furniture I bought.

Thanks to all, you know who you are, to help me with this project. Hopefully it will turn out amazingly.