I was not feeling well last night, and usually when I was in that condition, I always had weird dreams. The dreams always resemble the things that happened to me lately. And last night was the Kenyir xpdc.

Still feel sick today, but the temperature already went down. Hopefully I get well tomorrow morning, because I need to start for Kinabalu training.


Kinabalu XPDC

I’m going to Kinabalu again next 10-14th March. But I haven’t start any training yet. So my stamina is in zero level. Hopefully I could keep up within 1 month. I pray God for that.


Kenyir XPDC

Kenyir Lake XPDC last week wasn’t in my expectation. It was sort of fishing activity. And it sort of a boring xpdc. Especially for whom like tough activity. No jungle trekking (there was one, but it’s only 10 minutes trekking.. which went to fishing place. blerrggghh), 10 minutes cave visiting, and no water fall visiting at all. All the activities written in itinerary.

And they said, we can’t do all the activities because the sky doesn’t stop raining!

What I remembered about being there was sleeping, eating and watching people karaoke. When I can’t stand anymore, I learn fishing, and I got a few fishes, which I don’t even know their names. Okay, I know one, they tell me I got Kelah, which after that they keep the fish, and I don’t even see it after I catch it. They said it very valuable. That’s what they said.



Last month was a hectic month for us, just like Phase I last August. Our team can’t sleep well, haven’t eat properly and working almost 24/7. We went back late, and went to work as early as possible. At the first day LIVE, we stay at hospital until 5 am, and went back to hospital at 8 am. It went almost a week, and after that we look like a zombie. We could sleep anywhere, even when we were working in front of computer.

And when we were not going to hospital, we are always VPN from hotel, which if there is any problems in system, we can access to it. Out phone must on and reachable 24/7, because we never know when the problem could happened. It such a horrible period, but yet, everybody was very enthusiastic with work!

Next week, I’m going to Temerloh, driving. It’s kinda scary for me, because I never drive in Karak highway before. And I very much scare with high, which make me scared even more. Pray to Allah, everything went well.