What to update today?

I had re-UAT today, and I was shaking like a leave. The thing is, I didn’t know what to expect, since the last UAT was expecting to pass with flying color. But God knows best, because all the thing went wrong that day.

It started with we had to wait for user to come, then user was not setup properly, that lead to cannot clerking their notes. Then, there were a lot of emergency case that day, that the zone went havoc. Not to mention the printer need to be setup again, even though all the setup and testing had been done the night before, and also that morning. Last but not least, user pick up wrong data set, and accidentally picked the problem one, which lead to another bugs. Huhu.. I cann’t know best what God has set me up to.

Although after fixed it then and there, and everything work again, user and consultant decided to fail the UAT, as it was not smooth sailing.

So today, we re-UAT the scenario again. Alhamdulillah it went well *although there were still a few ‘magic’ thing happened. Like there is someone or something want to screw up my day!

Anyhow, it’s not just about the UAT that shaking me. Another thing is, there are ‘somebody’ that I admired joined the event, and I desperately need to impress him. HAHA. That’s the thing!

Whatever it is, again, Alhamdulillah! The re-UAT passed and now I can sleep well. HAHA. That’s not even slightest true. There are a lot of thing need to be done, since we are going to LIVE a couple of week ahead.

Wish me luck friends!!