Currently I’m scanning my lappy. And I found a lot and lots of Trojan inside. Luckily, Kapersky is doing his work, deleting the files. Yeay!!

I’m suppose to report duty to new company today. Amusingly, I did non of that (due to my last minute thinking and decision) and what I did today was digesting document for our new project, in TEMERLOH. OMG, with project keep coming (we not even live for Phase II yet in KT).. bila la agaknya saya dapat balik KL??

Last weekend, we went to Kelantan. We stay at Tanah Merah, but shopping at KB. Wow.. I shopped a lot!! Time tulah teringat nak beli telekung, kain ela, itu, ini. Apperently, I forgot about saving for my next journey. Oh.. I didn’t tell you  about that right?

This coming 2011, I already have a To-Do list, including travel to other country, conquer mount again, and a few outdoor activities. Huhu. Despite my super-busy job, I can’t let my life being dull, right? HEHE.

I will tell you more next few days, I promise, because right now I need to concentrate to my lappy. She need my attention more.

That’s all for now!