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We arrived at Kak Su’s house, one of Faiz’s friend, around 9pm. But it seem that Brisbane already shut down at these hour. Less people, it seem so quite that I was so scared we got lost and no people to ask for direction. Or even worst, we bump into a bunch of bad guys.

But nothing happened. Again, it was wild imagination. HEHE.

Kak Su is another Faiz’s friend who helped and entertained us during this vacation. She has a family of two children, all of her family, including her husband live in Australia with her, while she’s taking her master, or PhD, I can’t remember about that.

After getting to know each other for awhile, and having late dinner, we discussed and planed for our next activity. So we decided to have a tour in the city the next morning.

We went out from the house at 8 in the morning, when people are busily went out for work. It was pick hour, so transportation price was a bit more expensive, rather than off-pick. However, the city was only  alive after 10am. I mean, for the tourist like us. All the museum, gallery shop, supermarket and shopping mall open at 10. So we decided to find tourist info centre, in the middle of the city before start visiting places.

Anyhow, we couldn’t find the tourist info centre, and without any map and any knowledge, we sort of got lost. We walking around and around at the same place for 2 or 3 times. Luckily, then we found Transportation Info Centre after that, so ask for a map.

With the small,  not so complete but helpful map, we began our touring to the city of Brisbane!!

Our first destination was University of Queensland.

But, the weather seem not really with us. Despite our cheering personality, the weather seem so gloomy, and on our way to university, it was raining! Not to blame the weather, but Kak Sue told be, after that of course, that the university is beautiful and seem alive when it dried. When rain, and water, and wet all over places, it seem we were the only people wondering around and enjoyed the view. The others, I mean the students, and the lecturers and also the staff (I can’t tell which one was student, or lecturer, or staff, because they all pretty same by size and appearance.. uhuh..) were seem like to have a coffee in their hand and walked quickly to their destination.

It caught my eyes that these white people are so dependent with coffee, especially in the morning. It likes their life are depending on whether they drink coffee in the morning and what type of coffee are they drank. There are a lot of coffee house, that you will find a coffee house every 5 minutes walking in the street. Actually I myself wondered what is it like to drink coffee in the morning, and very eager to try one. But once Pae told me that there are non-halal coffee (as the coffee bean has been fried with non-halal oil), I canceled the plan! You can’t tell which coffee is halal and which is not, right?

Back to our tour in the Queensland University, after walking and wondering around, looking for beautiful place, we seem pretty lost and started looking for way back to city.

With empty stomach, what we thought when we heading back to the city was where to eat! After wondering around (again?) we found food court which has 2 halal food restaurant. We Nandos and the other one was Arabian food. So we chose Nandos over Arab food. Then we went to another university (forgot the name) for musolla.

After having all the necessary thing done, we started again our visit. So here what we visit or found:

  1. 3D painting – still unfinished when we left the place. I guess that taken more than a day to complete.
  2. Art Galery – I had been scolded by lady guard for touching the painting. HAHA.
  3. Museum – it showed all kind of animal.
  4. Shop and Mall – just wondering around a few buildings and shops which sell reject shop, souvenir, electronic and gadget etc.
  5. Pearl Milk Tea – Taro Milk Tea at Brisbane are far more yummy than in Sydney.. or anyway in the world. (world define by the places I found milk tea shop, which is in KL. KL are far more worst!!)
  6. what else..?? I thought I’d seeing a lot of things.. But can’t remember more..

The next day, we went to Movie World.

Until then, which I think my last review, see yaa!

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