This is quite entry.

I hate you Adie. Because of you, I got stomachache! I mean, because you are not here to bring us around for dinner, I have to think quick for my berbuka dinner, so we had a takeaway A&W, while apparently I was not suppose to do that because I was quite  suffering from stomachache and diarrhea from this morning. I should eat something proper and healthy.

HAHA. Putting somebody else to blame!

Anyway, it is 3:50 in the morning, and I still can’t sleep, due to this sickness. I can’t believe that I’m not sensing I got gastric this morning. I thought it’s just a normal stomachache, although it’s quite weird, as the pain never go away after awhile.

Then I took fast food, a cooney dog, with fries and A&W float for break fasting, just nice for my stomach! *blerghh* Then padanlah muka kan, until now I still feel the pain. Never have this quite long pain. I’m sensing that either I’m going to rest in the hotel tomorrow and not going to work, or worst come to worst, I need to go to hospital, meet the doctor, and check what the hell is wrong with me!

Okay, it’s nothing. I just need to express this, since I had been planning to sleep last 4 hours ago.

And I couldn’t..