Kita berhenti sebentar dengan cerita Ausie dan cerita bulan lepas, dan kembali ke Malaysia dan masa sekarang. HEHE. πŸ˜€

I was so influences by the home deco I’m going to do to my new room, that currently, I was and am searching and surfing for any home deco mags or books or websites at any free time. I even went to a few furniture store looking for a the right wardrobe and bed for me.

the redo deco room..

From most of them, I’m so inspired by IKEA design and idea. Blame Along for that. HAHA. Takde lah. Sebabnya IKEA is so space savvy and it design beautifully. My room is so small and has a little limitation here and there, which limit my creativity, so I need to find something that small and fit but usable to my room.

Sebenarnya macam baru perasan yang bilik saya macam tak best skit. Tapi tak boleh cakap apa la. Saya yang pegi pilih bilik tu, so kena pasrah la. πŸ˜€ The thing is, I can’t make feature wall because the room is too small and rugi cat je nanti kalau saya nak cat jugak. And then there is a window in the corner of the room that taken two walls, dan terus saya tak bleh nak buat feature wall or put anything di situ. And then, ade satu space ni saya tak boleh letak anything big, sebab ade plug. The only available corner pulak mengadap pintu. blurghh..

Okay, please don’t complain! Be thankful..

Anyway, back to my plan, I think I couldn’t find any suitable color to pain the wall. When I surf for the option, the only color that look nice is white, which mean the color of my room now. But why the color looks so different from the internet. May be, it’s a different tone.

And then, I already found the furniture for my room. But my oh my, it’s quite expensive if I buy them all at once. So I decided to just buy pieces by pieces. And it start with wardrobe.

Now, what I need to do is, to buy the wardrobe, and then start pack the stuffs. Bilik saya sekarang sungguh messy dengan macam-macam benda bersepah di merata-rata. Dengan outstation luggage, outdoor backpack, laundry begs, books, megs, dan ntah apa-apa lagi. Sungguh memeningkan kepala.

*Picture taken from google, and creadit to all – IKEA, Square Room mag, and roomrecepies.

Till then.. daaa!