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The next morning, Pae and me, with guide from Athira and Fateen (students, Faiz’s friends) to visit Sydney city. So much to see and look at, but not much interest me. I meant, yeah.. I love to see places, but I’m always looking for something different than my country. But then I keep reminding myself that, although you went to other places, it is not necessarily look differ from ours.

HEH. 😀

Because of those students live near the city, it’s much easy and savvy for us to just walk. First we went to their university, University of Sydney. Most of them called Unisyd, although the term not fully recognized by the local. While we were heading to the uni, we were passing a few parks and beautiful buildings.

Live in a Broadway

Central Park

one of the building we saw..

victoria park

Fateen and Athira’s uni look beautiful and oldies to me, something that I was looking for. Actually, there are so many university in Sydney, and they are all over places. There’s no gates or guard to check your student card. Everybody is free to walk in. And some of the university might located side by side, that sometimes you don’t even realized you already enter to another university, if you don’t see the sigh board.

taking pica tu penting..

one of best location.. to take a shot..

Grafitti Tunnel

dah lupa tempat apa nih.. sekolah kot..

chinese garden


Paddy's Market

However, we have been told that from all of them, University of Sydney la paling cantik building dia. The others are more to modern building. After walking around to a few uni, then kitorang pun pergi visit a few places yang glamour yang menjadi signature of Sydney, like Darling Habour, Chinese Garden dan Paddy’s Market.

special for the readers.. slalu tak publish gambar mcm nih.. uhuhuh..

I tried one of the Chinese costume for only 5 dollar, and walking and playing around in the garden like a child. HAHA. Mestilah, bukan senang nak pakai baju cina macam tuh, walaupun warna pink tu macam kurang sesuai saja dengan saya. Ah, pedulikan!

Paddy’s Market pula macam Petaling Street kat Malaysia. Sebab dia jual banyak cenderahati, clothes, shoes, make up and many more interesting things. Sayur, buah-buahan dan barangan basah pun ada dijual kat dalam tu. Lagi satu kenapa saya cakap dia macam Petaling Street, sebab penjual dia banyak chinese, and it is actually located in China Town. Biasalah, in any country pun you will find China Town.

In the Paddy’s Market, I just bought a few cenderamata for family and friends. The thing is, lagi banyak kita fikir tentang family and kawan-kawan, lagi rasa tak cukup benda tu. Sebab tu, sampai 3 kali saya pergi sana. Tapi still, back to Malaysia, cenderahati yang saya beli masih tak cukup-cukup. Huhu..

Bila penat berjalan, perut perlulah diisi. So we ate at Muslim Chinese Noodle Stall. Recommendation food adalah mee sup daging. But I tried fried noodle. So so jelah rasanya. May be, it’s not one of my kind. But I like the soup.

the variety of noodles..

Balik dari berjalan-jalan, semua orang pengsan. Tambah pula cuaca di Sydney mendung dan sejuk, memang sangat sesuai untuk membuat tahi mata. HAHA.

At night, we went to Sydney Harbour and Sydney Opera House. Then we went to Rock Pancakes house (betul ke nama dia nih) and ate sweet and delicious pancakes. Bukan pergi negeri orang putih la kan kalau tak makan pancakes. HAHA. 😀

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Bridge..


Pancakes On The Rocks rupanya nama dia.. ramai tak orang?

saya lebih suka yg ada strawbery tu..

Okay lah, dah lewat ni. To be continue..