I’m being unfair by made you waiting for the entry of my journey. It’s just that there are always something came up in my mind that make me eager to write about it, rather than writing about the journey.

So, here some more guide for you. Again, I’m telling you that this is basically guidance for the beginner, not for some advance or frequent traveler. (So continue the numbering from previous entry).

6. Don’t bring liquid or water in your hand luggage that more than 50ml, if I’m not mistaken. Or may be 100ml. So, drop all your shampoo, lotion, drinking water (if you think that would be necessary to bring) or any liquid or aerosol bottle in your baggage.

7. For certain country like Ausie, they are very strict that they don’t allow to bring wet food. (Is my term right? Because I don’t feel to..). But sometimes it depend on your luck too. Caused I have been told that there are certain time, they’re being ridiculously strict. That’s why I’m so scared when I bring dried anchovies and fish. Lucky it didn’t happen to me, so I don’t know about that but you can ask your friend.

8. Don’t forget to check if the country you visit need you to make a visa. If so, I advice you to make it online, it’s easy and you don’t feel like you need a visa at immigration area.

9. For Malaysian who has been taking loan from PTPTN, please check name with PTPTN first, as you have been black listed. Provided if you never pay their loan.

10. For Muslim especially, or people who used to use water in the toilet, always bring empty bottle in your beg, as most of the country use toilet paper instead of water. But don’t worry, they still have water in sink!

11. Again, for Muslim, check with your friends or website on halal food or restaurant. And always bring some food in you backpack as you might need that for emergency. As we go to non-Islamic country, it’s always been difficult to find a halal food. But you never know, some of them might be easy to find. Please check the halal certificate if they claim to. Usually Turkish restaurant sell halal food.

12. If you have a dry skin, then always bring lotion, as the cold weather sometimes would dry your skin. I have a sensitive skin, where the dryness can bring itchiness to me. So lotion is a must to me. Different to my friend, Pae, she had no problem at all. Good for her!

13. Backpacking can be tiring that sometimes it can drag your emotion into a certain level, so always be patient! Quarrel is always happened, but the important thing is how you control and balance it.

14. If you exploring the place by yourself, without guidance from local or friends who stay there, it would be good if you try to find the visitor information and transportation info first before you make a move. That would be your guidance to visit interesting places and walking to right path, rather than walking like a blind man. Or blind woman. 😀

15. Last guide I think.. but I couldn’t think of any. Let me think again.. Ok, I found one. How about this. If you want to save the budget, spend the night at your friends or family house, rather than spend for the hotel or motel room. Or, if you don’t have any friend in that place, find a backpackers hotel, where usually it’s a bit cheaper than nice and comfortable hotel room. Or may be a Tune hotel, if there is any.

I hope this could bring some guide to you. This is all based on our experience, our mistake, the guide we got from friends and family and a little knowledge that we have.

Good Luck and Have A Nice Journey!!