Help me!!

I have to move out from my 3-year-rented room end of this November to my cousin house. But I do nothing yet to pack my thing. But that’s not a big problem. My BIG problem is I still not prepared for the room I going to move. Here a few things that I need to do.

  1. To paint the room (this is an option, but it’s so nice if I can do it!)
  2. To buy a wardrobe, because my current wardrobe couldn’t afford to keep all my clothes. The truth is, the clothes are too much that I currently put some of them in the storage box and on my bedroom floor.

    if I could afford this..

  3. To buy a bed. It’s not regular and typical bed, but an extension bed. It’s a single bed, but I can extend it to be queen. It’s for my aunt and uncle when they visit us (my cousin and I). But this is also an option. May be I’ll just buy it later.

    this is exactly the bed I want.. it's from IKEA.. but it really really REALLY EXPENSIVE.. at least for me.. I could get a set of cavenzi bedroom set with it's price..


  4. Organizing my wardrobe. There are some of my clothes not fit anymore. (Do it when I packing the stuff.)
  5. Let go all unnecessary stuff, including all the goodies I collected from exhibitions. (-_-!!) (Also do it when I packing the stuff.)
  6. Buy a cabinet to keep all my books. May be just a hang cabinet, to save the space.
  7. But the MOST important thing is how am I going to decorate my room? I have a small room, 12 x 10 feet. But I don’t want it to be crowded and pack. I love if I could buy stuff like Choi Han Kyul’s room in Coffee Prince. Saving the space!!

I can't find the Han Kyul's room.. so I just put picture I googled.. however this is nice too..

and this too.. room for two..


IKEA always look comfortable uh? but look a bit crowded & too much..

So somebody, help me!