I know friends, cerita yang disimpan terlalu lama akan menjadi basi dan boleh menyebabkan kehilangan minat nak publish kalau di ‘peram’ terlalu lama.

But then, with limited time I had, and plenty to say, I can’t even imaging how much time it takes to finish up the story. Never mind, we do what we can do. The rest we left to God. 😉

So.. what’s first? the story of the journey, or a little guide for the traveler?

I think I gonna start the story. After all, I kinda blank right now, to give a guide to you. HAHA. To tell you, it always happened to me! 😀

As everybody know, we start the journey on Thursday night last week. Our flight depart at 9:25pm, written in itinerary. But I already forgot the actual time it depart. Never mind, it’s not important.Although non of us is new with air plane, we kinda exciting with this journey, that made us look like first timer in that air plane. I put the blame on Airbus 320, it’s big and awesome!

Around 7:40  something the next morning, we arrived at Gold Coast International Airport, a few minutes early from schedule. We passed immigration and kastam without too much problem, although I brought dried anchovies and fish. *that was the most woriest part. Forgive me Faiz, I do have wild imagination. And they don’t even check the insulin I already declared. May be that was one of my lucky day.

Gold Coast International Airport is just as big as LCCT I think and it’s quite convenience for the first timer like us. The International Airport and Domestic Airport is just located side by side, where you can walk about 10-15 minutes. So if you’re planning to get another air journey, just book ticket from Gold Coast Airport.

But we made a little mistake, which a bit costly. Unaware of the location, we booked another ticket to Sydney from Brisbane Domestic Airport. So we had to take bus and train, which cost us nearly AUD40. Mind you that I bought AUD1 for RM3.15.

The journey suppose to take bout 2 hours but we took it nearly to 5 hours purposely, because we had a lot of time for the next flight. We stopped at 2 station, for picture purposes and the curiosity of to see places. Even after we arrived at the airport, we still had to wait another 2 and half hours to check in to Tiger Airways.

I think that’s all for now. Until next time, see yaa!!