So I’m back!!

There’s a lot to tell.. but my boss just successfully killing my mood. Hehe.. as usual, nothing new.. eh? The thing is I have to go to KT this weekend. Even though I asked to be delayed to Monday, he said I need to be there on Sunday. As usual again. But then, to be fair to my team and friends, I already had a really really nice holiday aka vacation. I should be thankful, am I?


I went back here yesterday afternoon. A hectic journey back to KL I must say. Mana taknya, kitorang nyaris terlepas flight sebab lambat sampai airport. Luckily kitorang dah online check in. Tapi still.. we need to drop our really heavy lagage.

But here, a little guide for whoever want to have travel to oversea, especially the first timer like us.

  1. Check perbezaan masa antara your country and the country you gonna visit. Because, your ticket flight will show time arrive based on time the country you visit. So, korang mungkin akan confuse skit masa nak kira masa perjalanan , especially kalau perbezaan dia besar.
  2. Set time for every country gonna visit, so it will be easy for you to follow any schedule, especially the transportation. Thanks for my N86, I can simply set the time for any country in the world.
  3. For muslim, catat masa solat untuk semua country you gonna go. Sebab different place might have different waktu solat, even though they are in the same country.
  4. Study the weather for the country you gonna visit, especially four season country, supaya korang taklah bawak baju yang nipis pada cuaca yang sejuk or baju yang tebal & berat pada cuaca yang panas. Jangan lupa jugak check suhu dan keadaan cuaca kat sana, sebab although it’s a spring, you might felt a little bit cold, terutama orang yang dari negara panas macam Malaysia. And some place like Brisbane, their spring always brings rain, so plan your journey by watch the weather broadcast.
  5. Ape lagi eh.. ok, study the currency. Elok tukar duit kat Malaysia sebab lebih mahal dari kat luar. Then try to choose money changer and compare the rate, sebab boleh dapat untung skit. Kalau boleh tak payah la tukar duit kat bank or airport, sebab usually diorang beli murah. Even the bank staff pun suruh saya pegi tukar kat money changer. Hehe.

Oklah, macam tak boleh nak fikir lagi dah. Nanti kalau terfikir lagi, saya cakap lagi eh.

*May be tonight. Sebab ari ni saya nak pergi rumah Maklang kat Kajang!