At first, I thought I have nothing to say today. The truth is half of my soul is already not in the office. But after giving a second thought, hey.. why not I write something. After all, I’m not sure when I’m going to write again. May be after next 2 weeks. May be less. Or may be more. ~depend on the availability to connect internet.

As I said just now, I’m not in the mood to work today. My head keep thinking about tomorrow onwards. What to expect. What would be the unexpected. What if it will not be smooth sailing. What if this.. what if that.. ~dey.. don’t people tell you, it’s forbidden to use ‘if’ word? But then, that’s was a different situation. Read this.

So, I find the solution for the unexpected. Which is… credit card! HAHA. Not good. Not a good sign! 😀 But what else. At least, if there is any emergency, which usually always lead to using more money, credit card is the best solution. Takkan lah saya nak bawak cash money banyak-banyak pulak kan?

But, I need to control myself too. The card is for emergency. Not for fun. Or shopping. ~unless after doing the calculation, I find out that using card is more benefit than pay cash. 😀

So I rest the case!


Because of not having mood at work, I went out to Mid Valley during lunch time, just to find a new sandal. ~usually I don’t go out or having lunch.

Anyway.. I’m hopping to get Teva Sandal for woman. It is hard to find Teva sandal in Malaysia, let alone model for woman. And today might be my lucky day, which I found one! Seriously, I fall in love with my new sandal! But it cost me RM270 something. (*_*). I swear, I will use it to the fullest, which mean I will use it when I climb Kinabalu mount next March, or any outdoor activity. And.. I’m not going to swear, but I will try my best not to buy any more sandal, until this one got broken.

But look at the design, I’m loving it! There are several more design for women, you can visit the website. But I’m pretty sure, it can be hardly found here. Jusco Mid Valley only have this kind of model.

And then, I also bought Yuna’s album, Decorate. I’m not really industry supportive. HAHA. But then, Yuna’s songs are really hard to find and download. Unless the popular one. So many experience downloading songs, Yuna is one of a kind where I really give up to search. So instead, I bought them! After all, I do like Yuna.


I still not done with packing. In fact, I don’t do any packing yet. I just put all the stuff to bring outside, which make make my bedroom more crowded. I still feel some items missing, but I don’t know what. Kinda weird having those feeling!


Hoping to get online while in there. Pray for that eh.. 😉