Something happened!!

Remember this entry?

So today, after a couple of months not SMS-ing me, this guy SMS me again with question..

Salam blh hantar rombongan merisik

HAHA. This guy got to be kidding. So I replied back with..

Haha. Tiba2 je. Dah pk masak2 ke?

And the rest was a dumb ‘SMS’ conversation.

I don’t take it seriously. How can I take it seriously, when I just know him for about a few minutes talking, and then a few SMSs. I’m pretty sure he’s too young for me. No. Young is not an issue. But young could generate a few other issues. Like immature. Or childish.

To be truth, I never asked much about him. I don’t know anything about him, his family, education, let alone his life. The only information I know is, he is my user, he live in Marang, he has sister (not sure only one or more), and he’s not really my type. Woaa.. not that I have type. No no, I never got a ‘type’ list.

What I mean is ‘halo’. X factor. An attraction.

  1. Usually, I kinda attract with ‘alim’ guy. Kinda look kind and decent. ‘Kaki surau/masjid’ type.
  2. Or have a long hair. HAHA. Not too long but just nice one. That’s why I like Faizal Tahir and A. Samad Said’s son. But Faizal Tahir is already taken and A. Samad Said’s son already date with Chinese-indie-singer.
  3. Or the guy who wearing glasses and looking intelligent. But he must look intelligent like Ally Iskandar, not like Tobey Maguire.
  4. Or the funny one. But it depends. That required me to get to know him more. Not just in a few hours or days.
  5. And sometime, I do attract with ‘bad guy’ look. What? That must be in my those crazy days!

This is not a check list. I repeat, this is not a check list. Aiseh, macam lagu Eminem daa.. It’s not necessarily the guy must have. It just something I found what attracted me.

So basically, this guy don’t have anything common with this type. Or me. Betul, takde persamaan langsung! I mean, when I’m talking to him, either it’s like I interviewed him or he interviewed me. No 2 ways communication. Not like friends.

Takpelah, cakap banyak pun tak guna. Lagipun, I don’t think he suit to me. And I’m also, for a moment, not interested with him.

Tapi, kita ‘layan’ jelah kan.. hehe.. We’ll see how it goes. 😀